Humour is a genre of literature that focuses on works of literature that are intended to make people laugh.

I have personally written a number of such works. My works though are not entirely focused on merely making people laugh, but also aim to teach the reader vital lessons. Therefore, you could call them allegorical, even though, on the most part, they border on being nonliterary. Nonliterary works are written primarily to entertain people as opposed to teaching them vital lessons.

A few example of some funny short stories I have written include The Flying Policeman and Father and Son.

Some of the techniques that writers of Humor use include caricatures. Caricatures are exaggerated descriptions of a character's features. Metaphors and similes are often used to paint comical pictures of characters.

Here is an example:

His eyes were as big and round as tennis balls.

Such exagerrated descriptions create funny pictures in the minds of readers, causing them to laugh or otherwise smile.

Sometimes, however, humour is created using irony. Irony in the first instance refers to using words to suggest the opposite of what these words actually mean. For example:

Mr. Greener was a very intelligent man. He did not know how to write his own name and did not know how many fingers were on his hand.

Irony, most of the times, however, refers to situations that are oppostite to what is expected to happen. For example:

The man who was being flogged burst into laughter. Each lash of the weep only seemed to make him laugh harder.

And at times the irony involves giving the reader a greater perspective than the characters in a story. For example, a certain fact may be hidden from the character, but well explained to the reader.

For example:

The man behind the mask was his father. But he didn't know this.

"There is one person I hate the most on this planet," He said.

"Who's that?" The masked man asked.

"My father." He replied.


"He's got the most awful breath."

"Huh?" The man cringed.


These are about some of the most popular techniques used to create humour. Stay tuned, and together, we are going to explore works of literature that are humorous and learn how we can write out on.

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